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Company Expansion Moldmaking Rico
New hall for moldmaking at Rico

Expansion of the space for mold making

Rico Elastomere Projecting GmbH expands their facility in Thalheim bei Wels, Austria for a fourth time. In 2013, the latest expansion has been completed. This time Rico creates more space for mold making, mold maintenance and the apprenticeship workshop.

The construction will be completed within the next few weeks. The mold making department will expand up to 2.024m2 and this provides more than double the space for the toolmakers. This shows that customers’ requirements and duties especially for this department have increased significantly during the last years. In the course of these revisions, the company will buy new machines to guarantee state-of-the-art machinery and to maintain constantly high quality for every sold mold.

Many of the Rico customers use the service in areas of mold maintenance and mold optimazion. To continue smooth and fast working the mold maintenance department will be expanded as well. Additionally more spare parts will be available.

The education of apprentices is an essential part of the organizational philosophy, because the quality standard can be maintained with well-educated employees only. For that reason the apprenticeship workshop will be situated differently and will be enlarged to 206´m2. That is an optimal situation for all apprentices to expand their practical experience on modern machines.

Mold making and mold maintenance form the basis of the company success. Therefore the owners of Rico are very pleased to enhance capacity in these areas. The expansion of the mold making and mold maintenance department guarantees shorter reaction times and faster processing.